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  • Contact us. We will register your school, train your teachers in a very easy way, and you will be able to try the platform for a symbolic price.

  • Yes, if you try CodedArena Education, and continue using the platform, the cost of the trial will be deducted from the next invoice.

  • Yes, we have very interesting special prices for schools that start using CodedArena Education. Request a demo and we will show you the offers and promotions.

  • Yes, the license activation is conditioned to the payment of either the initial symbolic trial fee or the cost of your student licenses.

  • It is advisable, but not necessary. From the CodedArena Team we encourage teachers who have no knowledge in Python to take advantage of this opportunity and to learn and train with their students and with CodedArena. They will live a unique experience with their students, and the following year they will have a good knowledge of coding.

  • The Assistant that we have developed as an ally for the Classroom Manager will help the teacher during their classes, notifying them of situations that require activating reinforcement plans, creating competitions, and in general about the classroom's dynamics.

  • We recommend beginning at ages 13 or 14, since students will face 100% real programming in Python, without colored visual blocks like Scratch. However, there are schools that use CodedArena and that have a well implemented STEM project since elementary school, and are using CodedArena with students as young as 11 years old.

  • It depends on the age of the students, the number of hours dedicated each week, and the school's background in STEM. For example, 14 year old students, at 1 hour per week, have content for two school years. If they spend 3 hours a week, they could complete the current content in one school year.

  • We recommend starting a trial with groups of students between 13 and 15 years old.

  • CodedArena currently has two Campaigns. Each campaign is a set of missions. In Campaign 1, students learn the basics of Python programming. In Campaign 2, they learn more advanced programming. We are developing Campaigns 3 and 4, and we will never stop creating content that relates STEM subjects to coding.

  • Yes, students who start one year of Python programming with CodedArena can continue the following years to expand their knowledge and focus on programming in other curricular subjects.

  • No. We advise you to do so in order to allow your students to experience educational competitions between schools, but it is not mandatory. However, the official CodedArena competitions are a fantastic promotional showcase for your school.

  • Yes, without a doubt! The only requirements are that CodedArena appears in the name of the competition, as well as references to our educational platform in the promotional activities. On the other hand, it is necessary to contact us in order to evaluate the type of competition, and the promotional material to be used.

  • No. If you are using CodedArena Education in your school, our platform offers you the tools to create your own competition, and there is no extra cost associated with it.